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Come see us live in 2023!

There are a number of great opportunities to come see and dance with us live throughout the year!

In particular, we pay regularly at the ceilidh club in Camden. Full details can be found here:

The Ceilidh Club is hosted by a number of wonderful ceilidh bands but if you'd like to come and dance with the Sassenachs Ceilidh Band in particular, see the dates outlined below.

Meanwhile, here's a list of all our public gigs in the next few months:

25th January 2023 - Big Penny Social - Tickets

(sold out)

26th January 2023 - Big Penny Social - Tickets

(sold out)

3rd February 2023 - Ceilidh Club - Tickets

(sold out)

11th February 2023 - Small Brew Co - Tickets

3rd March 2023 - Ceilidh Club - Tickets

7th April 2023 - Ceilidh Club - Tickets

5th May 2023 - Ceilidh Club

26th May 2023 - Ceilidh Club

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