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Sustainability & Inclusivity

The band strives not only to provide you and your guests with a ceilidh to remember but to do this in the best way possible for the planet too!


Sustainability means a multitude of things to different people but here are the main ways we inteprete it within our business:


The principle environmental impact for our band is from the use of transportation to and from our events. We aim to car share wherever possible and in many cases our musicians will take the train / tube where possible. Our larger pieces of equipment; PA system and drum kit however inevitably tend to require a car or van so cannot currently be moved via public transport. 


The majority of the time we use a ZipVan or ZipCar to move the bulk of our equipment. We believe that a car sharing club such as this is the best way to reduce our environmental impact



The concept of group celebration and dancing has been ingrained in most cultures for a very long time! We believe that a focus on socialising and dancing has enormous benefits to both physical and mental health.


That said, there is also history of dancing being taught in a traditional style of a mixed couple; with male lead, and woman follower. Such rigidity in the explanation of dances can lead to unnecessarily awkward or uncomfortable situations for some guests. For this reason, we strive to be more inclusive in our teaching of dances and the running of events. 

We also endeavour to set an example with the diversity of our band and musicians. We have callers and musicians from a variety of backgrounds and always try to provide a balanced line up for our performances. 

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