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Meet Our Musicians - Annalise Lam

An opportunity to meet our musicians. Annalise is one of our wonderful violinists and has played with us since 2019. She performs with us regularly at Weddings, Corporate Events, as well as the Ceilidh Club in Cecil Sharp House, Camden and beyond.

Annalise is a violinist for the Sassenachs Ceilidh Band. Here she is pictured performing during a beach side wedding.
Annalise performing during a beach side wedding.

Her favourite venue is the Oxford Natural History Museum, where we had the privilege of playing for the lovely scientists of the Jenner Institute.

"It's not every day we get to play jigs and reels next to a huge dinosaur!"

The Sassenachs Ceilidh Band pose in front of a dinosaur exhibit whilst performing for the Jenner Institute Christmas Party.
Oxford Natural History Museum

When not playing in the Sassenachs Ceilidh Band, Annalise plays with the jazz string trio "J.A.M. String Collective". The band has recently played Glastonbury Festival and hope to return there next year! Annalise also played violin and piano for Gifford's Circus in their 2022 show 'Carpa!', which toured across the UK.

"I love playing folk music because it gives you so much freedom and the tunes are so catchy!"

 Annalise plays with the jazz string trio "J.A.M. String Collective"
J.A.M. String Collective

Annalise has a postgraduate degree in Jazz Violin from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. She definitely enjoys improvising and this ties in with her folk playing! Outside of her music, Annalise loves to crochet and knit, eat Beef Chow-Fun Noodles and play Settlers of Catan. 

Annalise Lam. Violinist.
Always professional.


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