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Learn to ceilidh dance | Military Two Step

The first of our couple only dances, this week we talk you through the military two step!

It's just the two of you, noone else needs to get involved, so you can even practice at home...

The Setup

For this dance you come to the floor with a partner. Form a circle with all the other couples. Everyone is facing anti-clockwise round the room, guy on the left of each pair and lady on the right. Hold inside hands with your partner (so the guy's right and the girl's left).

The Dance

Start by lifting your right leg slightly and putting the heel of the right foot down in front of you. Then your toe of this foot down behind you. Then repeat, so heel in front and toe behind again. Now walk forward (anti-clockwise round the room) for four beats. On the fourth beat turn around and face back the way you just came (so now facing clockwise round the dance floor).

Do exactly as you did before (but facing this new direction) so heel, toe, heel, toe and walk forward for four beats. You should now be exactly where you started the dance.

Turn and face your partner and hold each others hands in front of you. Now do a little bounce by bending your knees, then kick your right foot across in front towards the left (so missing your partner!) then do the same again, a little bounce by bending your knees but this time kick your left foot across in front of you towards the right (again missing your partner and his or her leg!) Now the lady spins under the gentleman's arm.

You finish the dance by dancing around together for 8 beats, in anti-clockwise direction round the room. (Technically you're doing whats called a polka at this point).

And thats it your back to the start of the dance! Well done!

Visualise it!

Here's a video of some guests enjoying this dance at a wedding we played at the Walled Garden Cowdray earlier this year:

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