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Wedding dancing as lockdowns ease

As the world begins to return to a new normal, we're looking forward to helping you celebrate life again with our ceilidh dancing and music services!

Working closely with clients and venues, we've ensured the music can start again in a way that's sensible and safe for all involved. Full measures can be seen in the latest version of our risk assessment but in simple terms, we will teach, arrange and play dances in the size of groups and space that you're happy with, within government guidelines.

For instance, throughout your special day or evening, we have the flexibility to teach purely couples dances - meaning there is no need for progression, spinning or holding hands with others.

If you prefer, we can instruct small groups or even bigger groups for those who are comfortable with this. The format is up to you and we make sure that every dance is explained before people get up and dance!

We look forward to making your special day!


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